Since our start in 2007, we have grown our flock from what started out as a hobby with a single wether and ewe.  Through a meticulous breeding program and additions from other flocks, we now have over 100 combined Icelandic and Shetland sheep on the farm.


Our Mission

We specialize in maintaining the highest quality flock and take great care in choosing breeding pairs to encourage genetic diversity, purity of traits such as leadersheep and the best fleece quality possible.  Over the past few years we have taken a special interest in breeding for the highest genetic purity of leadersheep; we have bred up to over 90%, and have sheep with the highest percentage leadersheep genetics outside their country of origin. 

The shepherd always tries to persuade the sheep that their interests and his own are the same.
— Stendhal

Our Breeding Objectives

  • Personality  
    • Icelandics and Shetlands are small to medium sized sheep that are a very manageable size.  They do not have a strong herding instinct, are alert and (dare I say it?) smart about their surroundings.  They have distinct personalities, ranging from ridiculously friendly to spunky.  All our sheep are halter-trained; the ewes are friendly and the rams are respectful.
  • High quality fleece  
    • The fleece from our sheep are in the range of patterns and colors characteristic of the breeds.  We have recently added a genetic line from Iceland that was selected for coat quailty.  Shetland and Icelandic fleece are in high demand among hand-spinners, knitters and felters.
    • Although we do not coat our sheep, we strive for clean fleece by pasturing as long as possible and by ground feeding of hay.  We hand-shear the sheep ourselves: Icelandics in fall and spring, and Shetlands in the spring.  We hand-process the fleece by either combing or carding, depending on the desired product.  Our yarns are all hand-spun, and range from 2-ply lace-weight to bulky.  We invite you to go to our photo gallery to see some of the fiber products from our wonderful sheep.
  • Milkiness  
    • Both Shetlands and Icelandics have excellent mothering instincts, lamb easily, and produce ample milk for the lambs, and more for the milking parlor.  We actively milk the Icelandic ewes each summer.  The milk is of high quality, and produces excellent cheeses and soaps.  
  • Parasite resistance  
    • As drug resistance in parasites is becoming an ever-greater concern, we are selecting for lambs that do not require frequent treatment.  This involves a careful system of pasture rotation to minimize exposure to the parasites and maintaining high quality forage. 

What We've Achieved

  • Successfully bred 94% Leadersheep trait, the highest outside of Iceland.
  • Support a flock of 75 Icelandic and 30 Shetland sheep
  • Sold over 100 sheep to breeders as far away as Minnesota and Louisiana!
  • Regularly import straws from Iceland to maintain the highest quality of traits.
  • Attend multiple fiber festivals across the Northeast every year.
  • Produce sheep and wool products of all sorts!  Check our our Products page to learn more.
  • Participate in multiple Icelandic and Shetland groups such as NASSA and ISBONA.