Here's just a small sampling of the natural products that we produce from our flock. Feel free to check out our Storefront for available goods!

a sample of our natural fleeces


Here is a small sample of our fleeces taken in the Fall of 2010 after shearing was completed.  One of our goals is to maintain a diverse selection of fleece colors and textures through breeding.

white Icelandic thel, 2-ply

Hand-spun wool

We spin and dye (using only natural dyes) our own wool the old fashioned way!

felted sheep milk soaps

Sheep milk Soaps

We produce a variety of shapes, sizes and molds of sheep-milk soaps made from milk from our flock.  Felted, un-felted, scented and un-scented - you name it!

finished wool products

Hand knit wool

Scarfs, hats, sweaters and more.  We take the time to wash, card, spin and knit our own wool to produce high quality wool clothing to keep you warm.