Shetland Rams & Wethers



Bellwether Holm

19 April 2012

Gray yuglet flecket twin ram (brother of Flada, above).  His fleece is a kindly type with high to moderate crimp, but very long, very silky! (AFD = 27.1)  Must carry moorit from his sire.  Wide, wide horns! 

Sire is Windswept Boron; dam is Whispering Pines Myrtle

Genotype: Ag/Aa BB/Bb Ss/Ss 


Bellwether Oiseval

25 April 2012

Oiseval is a moorit flecket twin ram. He is almost a caped flecket – like a caped flecket with a white cap.  He has a terrific soft kindly fleece (AFD = 24.9), and really wide horns. 

Sire is Windswept Boron; dam is Twin Springs Hirta

Genotype: Aa/Aa Bb/Bb Ss/Ss 


Bellwether Magnus

26 April 2015

A gray blettet sponget single ram. Fleece is very fine, with a good crimp. May carry moorit and the modifier from his sire. Nice wide horns.

Sire is Bellwether Lewis; dam is Bellwether Mousa.

Genotype: Ag/Aa BB/B- Ss/Ss 

Bellwether Daal

30 April 2015 

Gray blettet sponget ram twin, brother of Sneck (below).  His fleece will be intermediate in length with a good crimp. His fleece will mature to a pewter gray.  May must moorit ans spotting from his sire.  Nice wide horns.

Sire is Bellwether Oiseval; dam is Twin Springs Foula.

Genotype: Ag/Aa BB/Bb Ss/Ss

Bellwether Crolin

3 May 2017

A black yuglet flecket single ram who must carry moorit.  A big boy with a gorgeous intermediate fleece! 

Sire: Bellwether Holm; Dam: Bellwether Kettla

Genotype: Aa/Aa BB/Bb Ss/Ss

Bellwether Huney

13 May 2017

A katmoget caped flecket twin ram who must carry moorit.  His pattern was quite frankly a puzzle – he has the katmoget markings, but his cape seems to be lightening to a gray…Then I remembered that the shoulders of a katmoget are gray!

Sire: Bellwether Oiseval; Dam: Twin Springs Foula

Genotype: Ab/Aa BB/Bb Ss/Ss

Bellwether Perie

7 May 2019

A stunning black HST (yuglet flekket sokket) ram lamb.  He must carry moorit.  He lost his elderly mother at one week and has been a bottle boy and has thrived.  Friendly, but respectful!

Sire: Bellwether Oiseval; Dam: Bellwether Mousa

Genotype: Aa/Aa BB/Bb Ss/Ss



Twin Springs Ninian

30 April 2007

Ninian is a gray katmoget, with a very soft English-type fleece with nice crimp.  He is the full sib to Foula, who also has a spectacular fleece.  He also shares Foula’s wonderful personality.  Ninian is our farm mascot.


Bellwether Dùn

6 May 2011

A moorit caped flecket twin wether.  Excited to get this pattern, and in a moorit!  Under his sun-bleached tips, the fleece is a warm brown on the kindly side of intermediate, with a nice crimp.  

Sire is Windswept Boron; dam is Twin Springs Hirta.


Bellwether Stane

21 April 2012

A gray blettet flecket twin wether. His mature fleece is a lovely dark pewter gray, wavy and very soft.

Sire is Twin Springs Forvik; Dam is Twin Springs Hirta. 


Bellwether Ruvial

9 April 2015

A moorit krunet sokket wether. Fleece is a nice dark chocolate, very crimpy and soft.

Sire is Bellwether Fludir; dam is Twin Springs Hirta.


Twin Springs Forvik

26 April 2008

Forvik is a medium size ram with a big heart!  His color is emsket, and he has a very small krunet marking; he carries moorit and possibly the modifier genes.  His fleece is of the primitive type, has an intermediate amount of crimp and is incredibly soft.  He is a very docile and obedient boy, even during breeding season! He has left behind some beautiful lambs, and his wonderful personality and fleece is still evident in the Trinity Farm flock

Genotype: Aa/Aa BB/Bb Ss/Ss

Windswept Boron

16 March 2008

Boron is a big moorit ram with flecket/smirslet/socket markings.  His fleece is on the English side of intermediate, and has a nice crimp, and is very soft.  Boron is a very friendly, and extremely well-mannered boy.  You can see the wonderfully flashy spotting in his progeny !

Genotype: Aa/Aa Bb/Bb Ss/Ss

Bellwether Lewis

16 April 2012

Lewis is a black sponget ram twin.  He is a striking guy with wide horns, and a masked “Zorro” face.  Fleece has matured to a pewter gray, long and wavy. He leaves behind a terrific ram at Trinity Farm, and many other lambs who, like him, have departed for other pastures.

Sire is Twin Springs Forvik; dam is Twin Springs Bernera.

Genotype: Ag/Aa BB/B- Ss/Ss