icelandic sheep for sale

This year’s crop of Icelandics is the best so far!  All have nice percentages of AI from a number of Iceland’s top sires or from spectacular F1 AI farm rams, and from ewes that have proven themselves on my farm.  The sires were chosen for their colors, for milking abilities of their daughters, and for meat quality.

I am pleased to offer for the first time leadersheep with substantial percentages of leader blood and from sires only newly available in the US. Some of these lambs show great potential as leaders and have the classic leader build; others show a more typical meat conformation.  I have found leader ewes to be excellent on the milking stand, both in terms of production, and in having a conformation similar to the more standard milk breeds of sheep.

In addition, I am also offering lambs that are F2 descendants of Grafeldur, bred in Iceland for excellence of pelt and fleece.  His F1 lambs last year had truly outstanding fleece; this year's lambs are the result of breedings to ewes with award-winning fleece, and are showing terrific potential.


You may reserve a lamb with a phone call or email, and it will be marked "Reserved" and kept on hols for seven days to allow your nonrefundable deposit of 1/2 to arrive.  The animal will then be listed as "On Deposit." The balance is due prior to pick-up or delivery of the animal; lambs will be available to go to their new homes in late July/early August. I give a discount of 10% for 3 - 4 animals; 15% for 5 or more animals. If you should change your mind after making a deposit, that deposit can be applied to another sheep or to a future purchase.

All animals will have their CD/T shots and Scrapie tags and will be registered with CLRC. Those traveling across state lines will also have a veterinary certificate. In addition, all lambs will be halter-trained.

Trinity Farm maintains a closed flock, and the sheep are free of Scrapie, OPP, CL, and hoofrot.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!



Ewe Lambs  

Fláa (BEL 923E)

B3H. A horned black badger twin ewe lamb. Must carry moorit and may carry spotting. A beautiful girl with long silky fleece, and great legs and body.  Her mother has been excellent on the milking stand, demonstrating the great milk breeding from Dancing Lamb.  This should be a true triple-purpose girl.

Born 5/3/17

Sire is BEL 624B (Vindur, my F1 Grámann son); dam is DL 754W (Vatna)

Genotype: Ab/Aa BB/Bb SS/S-

AI genetics: 1/4 Grámann, 1/8 Flotti , 1/8 Kani, and 1/16 Aboti (56% AI)

Price: $650

Húsa (BEL 926E)

B5SH. A horned spotted black twin ewe lamb. May carry moorit.  She sports the classic leader markings and the typical leader curiosity.  Right now, she's happy to be near the front of the flock...or lagging behind to taste an appetizing-looking blade of grass.

Born 5/12/17

Sire is BEL 815D (Thordar, my F1 Golsi son); dam is BEL 503A (Hekla, my F1 Karl Philip daughter)

Genotype: Aa/Aa BB/B- Ss/Ss

Leader genetics: 1/4 Golsi, 1/4 Karl Philip, 1/4 Geri, 1/16 Tigull, and 1/32 each Biskup, and Ari; also some Blessa (~88% leader; 7 leader lines)

AI genetics: 1/4 Golsi, 1/4 Karl Philip, 1/4 Geri, 1/16 Tigull, and 1/32 each Biskup, and Ari, and some Moli; also some Blessa (~88% AI)

Price: $850

Fossa (BEL 927E)

B5P. A polled black single ewe lamb who must carry spotting and may carry moorit. This is a girl with lots of potential! She has a terrific glossy black fleece and a muscular build...and she also sports excellent milking genetics.

Born 5/12/17

Sire is BEL 702C (Sulur, my F1 Höttur son); dam is BEL 434Z (Silfra, my F1 Vodvi daughter)

Genotype: Aa/Aa BB/B- SS/Ss

AI genetics: 1/4 Höttur, 1/4 Vodvi with some Hnykill, Serker, Dalur and Jokull (56% AI)


Kollatta (BEL 942E)

O1H. A horned white twin ewe lamb sporting a touch of phaeomelanin (sister of Thrandar, below).  This is a girl to watch!  She is the product of line-breeding for my most milky of ewes (and well-behaved on the milking stand, too!).  Her AI ancestors on both sides also were given high daughter milking scores by Southram. In one package: gorgeous fleece, super milky, and a stocky meaty build!

Born 7/16/17

Sire is BEL 510A (Kaldi, my F1 Ylur son); dam is BEL 627B (Brekka, my F1 Drifandi daughter)

Genotype: Ag/Aa Bb/Bb Ss/Ss

AI genetics: 1/4 Ylur, 1/4 Drifandi, and 1/16 Aboti (~56% AI)

Price: $650

IMG_7301 (1).jpg

Gudrún (BEL 944E)

B5SH. A horned black spotted single ewe lamb, may carry moorit. This girl comes from a pairing of a ewe with super-meaty build and a sire with longer-than-average legs.  The result is a chunky girl who promises to be tall in stature.  And she has a sparkling white gorgeous fleece.  Mom has a Dancing Lamb ancestry, so the milk genetics is there too. A real gem of a lamb.

Born 7/27/17

Sire is BEL 708C (Skaftá, my F1 Florgodi son); dam is BEL 718C (Helga, my F1 Gandur daughter)

Genotype: Aa/Aa BB/B- Ss/Ss

AI genetics: 1/4 Florgodi, 1/4 Gandur, 1/8 Karl Philip, 1/16 each Kani, Flotti and Geri, 1/64 Tigull, and 1/128 each Biskup, and Ari, and some Moli (~85% AI).

Price: $650



Jólnir (BEL 912E)

B5H. A horned solid black single ram lamb who must carry both moorit and spotting.  This is one curious little boy, sporting a gorgeous fleece and a nice stocky build.  Very respectful boy.

Born 4/29/17

Sire is BEL 715C (Gigar, my F1 Florgodi son); dam is CSIC 7C (Surtsey)

Genotype: Aa/Aa BB/Bb SS/S

 AI genetics: 1/4 Florgodi, 1/8 Geri, 1/16 Tigull and Dropi, and ~1/32 each Ari, Biskup, Flotti, Aboti, Grimur and Skumur; with some Moli, Udi, Heli, Hunn, Bambi, Blaevar, Laekur, Fengur, Rektor, Flotti, Morro, Molur, Austri, Dalur, Vestri, Horvi, Pruni, Peili, Askur and Ljori. (79% AI)

 Price: $700

Geysir (BEL 919E)

B5SH. A horned spotted black twin ram lamb (brother of Fluthir, above). May carry moorit. A bit more white than is brother, but otherwise, two peas in a pod! His mother on multiple occasions has sounded the early warning signal (BAAA!) when things aren't quite right, but has not shown an inclination to lead the flock.  It will be interesting to see this boy 's range of behaviors as he grows up.

Born 5/2/17

Sire is BEL 726C (Alftan, my F1 Karl Philip son); dam is DL 141A (Reyjka)

Genotype: Aa/Aa BB/Bb Ss/S-

Leader genetics: 1/4 Karl Philip, 1/8+ Ari, 1/16 Tigull, and 1/32 Biskup, with some Blessa (~51% leader; 5 leader lines).

AI genetics: 1/4 Karl Philip, 1/8+ Ari, 1/16 Tigull, and 1/32 each Biskup, Flotti and Aboti, with some Moli (~56% AI).

Price: $600  Reserved

Drangey (BEL 928E)

B5P. A polled black-gray ram lamb twin (brother of Hrauney, below) who may carry moorit. This boy has it all!  The fleece from the Grafeldur line, and meat and milk from Vodvi and Dancing Lamb packaged in his mother.  And he's stinkin' cute!

Born 5/12/17

Sire is BEL 808D (Hafnar, my F1 Grafeldur son); dam is BEL 433Z (Baula, my F1 Vodvi daughter)

Genotype: Ag/Aa BB/B- SS/SS

AI genetics: 1/4 Grafeldur, 3/8 Vodvi, with some Jokull and Dalur (61% AI)

Price: $650

Kong (BEL 938E)

M5SH. A horned spotted moorit ram lamb twin (brother of Klaufa). A really sweet and respectful boy who can't help looking like he has attitude.  He has the classic leader markings, but in a gorgeous moorit, and sports a nice meaty build.  His mother easily has the largest udder of the flock...very milky...and she is super attentive.

Born 5/24/17

Sire is BEL 715C (Gigar, my F1 Florgodi son); dam is DL 144A (Blanda)

Genotype: Aa/Aa Bb/Bb Ss/Ss

AI genetics: 1/4 Florgodi, 1/8 Geri, 3/32 Flotti, 1/32 Tigull and Aboti; and 1/64 each Biskup, and Ari, and some Moli (57% AI)

Price: $650  Reserved

Mikla (BEL 941E)

M5SH. A horned spotted moorit single ram lamb. This is a really fast-growing lamb who should demonstrate the meaning of 'triple purpose."  he has a wonderful long silky fleece, stocky build, and his daughters should inherit his mother's milking genetice.

Born 5/31/17

Sire is BEL 715C (Gigar, my F1 Florgodi son); dam is DL 213B (Arna)

Genotype: Aa/Aa Bb/Bb Ss/S

AI genetics: 1/4 Florgodi, 1/8 Geri, 3/32 Flotti 1/32 Tigull, and 1/64 each Biskup, Aboti and Ari, and some Moli.  (63% AI)

Price: $650


None available at this time.  Please check back next year!


None available at this time.  Please check back next year!