icelandic sheep for sale

This year’s crop of Icelandics is quite wonderful!  All have nice percentages of AI from a number of Iceland’s top sires or from spectacular F1 AI farm rams, and from ewes (many F1 AI) that have proven themselves on my farm.  The sires were chosen for their colors and fleece quality, for milking abilities of their daughters, and for meat quality. This year, in addition to Drifandi, who has produced wonderful lambs here in the past, there are lambs from AI sires new to North America: Burkni, Dreki, Jonas, and Kornelius (horned); Hnaller and Krapi (polled); and Ungi (leader).

I am pleased to offer leadersheep with substantial percentages of leader blood and from sires only newly available in the US. The lambs show great potential as leaders and have the classic leader build.  I have found leader ewes to be excellent on the milking stand, both in terms of production, and in having a conformation similar to the more standard milk breeds of sheep.

In addition, I am also offering lambs that are F2 descendants of Grafeldur, bred in Iceland for excellence of pelt and fleece.  His F1 lambs had truly outstanding fleece; this year's lambs are the result of breedings to ewes with award-winning fleece, and are showing terrific potential.


You may reserve a lamb with a phone call or email, and it will be marked "Reserved" and kept on hold for seven days to allow your nonrefundable deposit of 1/2 to arrive.  The animal will then be listed as "On Deposit." The balance is due *prior to pick-up or delivery* of the animal; lambs will be available to go to their new homes in late July/early August. I give a discount of 10% for 3 - 4 animals; 15% for 5 or more animals. If you should change your mind after making a deposit, that deposit can be applied to another sheep or to a future purchase.

All animals will have their CD/T shots and Scrapie tags and will be registered with CLRC. Those traveling across state lines will also have a veterinary certificate. In addition, all lambs will be halter-trained.

Trinity Farm maintains a closed flock, and the sheep are free of Scrapie, OPP, CL, and hoof-rot.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me! 

Note that lambs indicated as NFS are likely to stay at Trinity Farm as breeding stock, but may become available at a later time.  

Disclaimer:  Many lambs do not like to go into the "perfect pose" when there is a camera anywhere nearby.  Lamb pictures will be updated as the lambs grow (and cooperate).


Ewe Lambs 

Akra (BEL 032F)

B2H. A horned black-gray ewe lamb who must carry moorit and may carry spotting.  She was late-born, but has matured to a really solid meaty girl with a gorgeous fleece. A really spirited girl – initiating the lamb races with the older lambs!

Born 5/22/18

BEL 624B (Vindur, my F1 Grámann son); dam is BEL 718C (Helga, my F1 Gandur daughter)

Genotype: Aa/Aa BB/B- SS/Ss

AI genetics: 1/4 Gramann, 1/4 Gandur, 1/8 each Kani and Flotti (75% AI)

Price: $600 


Viti (BEL 004F)

B4C. A black mouflon twin ram lamb with pencil-thin scurs. He has no record of horned in his ancestry, so I would expect them to remain small and not troublesome.  A nice fast-growing boy with a stunning fleece. 

Born 4/17/18

Sire is BEL 808D (Hafnar, my F1 Grafuldur son); dam is BEL 311Y (Nama)

Genotype: At/Aa BB/B- SS/S-

AI genetics: 1/4 Grafeldur, with some Hnykill, Serker, Dalur, and Jokull (36% AI).

Price: $550

Hvalsey (BEL 006F)

B5P. A polled black ram lamb who must carry morrit and may carry spotting. He is the fastest growing lamb on the farm this year, his fleece is long and amazing, and his mother is allowing two additional lambs to nurse from her!  He has Dancing Lamb genetics on both sides as well as AI sires whose daughters had excellent milking scores.  A very curious and respectful fellow!

Born 4/18/18

Sire is BEL 624B (Skaley, my F1 Höttur son); dam is BEL 633B (Valla)

Genotype: Aa/Aa BB/Bb SS/S-

AI genetics: 1/4 Höttur, 1/8 Vodvi, with some Dalur and Jokull (43% AI)

Price: $600

Gunnar (BEL 009F)

O1P. A polled white ram lamb who  must carry moorit and very likely spotting (he does not display any phaeomelanin).  He has Dancing Lamb genetics on both sides as well as AI sires whose daughters had excellent milking scores.  A fast-growing and vigorous ram with a sparkling white fleece.

Born 4/19/18

Sire is BEL 624B (Skaley, my F1 Höttur son); dam is BEL 433Z (Baula, my F1 Vodvi daughter)

Genotype: Awt/Aa BB/Bb S-/S-

AI genetics: 1/4 Höttur, 1/4 Vodvi, with some Jokull and Dalur (61% AI).

Price: $550

Myrkar (BEL 027F)

M3H. A moorit badger horned ram lamb who may carry spotting.

Born 5/10/18

Sire is BEL 624B (Vindur, my F1 Grámann son); dam is DL 144A (Blanda)

Genotype: Ab/Aa Bb/Bb SS/S-

AI genetics: 1/4 Gramann, ~3/16 Flotti, 1/16 Kani, and 1/32 Aboti (50% AI). 

Price: $650

Malmey (BEL 033F)

B2H. A horned black-gray ram lamb twin, brother of Latra (above).  Must carry moorit and may carry spotting.

Born 6/17/18

Sire is BEL 509A (Dalur, my F1 Blettur son); dam is INGL 025U (Ultra)

Genotype: Ag/Aa BB/Bb SS/S-

AI genetics: 1/4 Blettur; 1/16 each Bambi, Leifur, and Flotti; 1/32 each Morro, Serkur, and  Peli; and 1/64 Ari, with some Moli and some Plaivar (~63% AI)

Price: $650


Gudrún (BEL 944E)

B5SH. A horned black spotted single ewe lamb, may carry moorit. This girl comes from a pairing of a ewe with super-meaty build and a sire with longer-than-average legs.  The result is a chunky girl who promises to be tall in stature.  And she has a sparkling white gorgeous fleece.  Mom has a Dancing Lamb ancestry, so the milk genetics is there too. A real gem of a lamb.

Born 7/27/17

Sire is BEL 708C (Skaftá, my F1 Florgodi son); dam is BEL 718C (Helga, my F1 Gandur daughter)

Genotype: Aa/Aa BB/B- Ss/Ss

AI genetics: 1/4 Florgodi, 1/4 Gandur, 1/8 Karl Philip, 1/16 each Kani, Flotti and Geri, 1/64 Tigull, and 1/128 each Biskup, and Ari, and some Moli (~85% AI).

Price:  $750



26 May 2012

A white polled twin ewe, a beautiful girl with a long silky fleece.  She is absolutely amazing! 

Sire is Vodvi (AI); dam is DL 370T (Grimsey). 

Phenotype: O1P

Genotype: Awt/Aa  BB/B- SS/Ss

AI genetics: 1/2 Vodvi, 1/16 Dalur (56% AI)

Baula is a proven ewe who has reliably twinned, and who has given me some terrific lambs.  I am retaining her sister and a couple of half-sibs.  Her fleece has won blue ribbons...but it's time for some of the younger white sheep to take the spotlight.

Price: $600