Shetland Ewes

Twin Springs Hirta (S28111)

11 April 2008

Hirta is a grey and white ewe with krunet and the rare caped flecket markings.   She has an English-type fleece with a nice crimp.  She is rather reserved, but does love her scratches!

Genotype: Aa/Aa BB/Bb Ss/Ss


Twin Springs Foula (S28110)

26 April 2008

Foula is a black katmoget with an English-type fleece with nice crimp.  She is a full sib (although a year younger) to the Trinity Bellwether mascot, Ninian.   Even as a young lamb, she was described as “ridiculously friendly.”

Genotype: Ag/Ab BB/Bb SS/Ss 


Bellwether Fetlar (S 30433)

1 May 2009

Fetlar is s light gray girl with yuglet/socket markings (although she was almost completely black at birth!).  She is the daughter of Forvik and Seraphim, and she has inherited theprimitive fleece type from her sire and the incredible softness from her dam.  Personality-wise, she is friendly-times-two!

Sire is Twin Springs Forvik; dam is Minwawe Seraphim

Genotype: Ag/Aa BB/Bb Ss/Ss 


Bellwether Mousa (S32369)

2 May 2010

Mousa is a black blettet ewe.  Her color is holding as a true black!  Her lamb fleece was absolutely gorgeous.  She was wild as the wind, but is now quite friendly. 

Sire is Twin Springs Forvik; dam is Whispering Pines Lilac

Genotype: Aa/Aa BB/B- Ss/Ss 


Bellwether Tronda

17 April, 2012

Tronda is a black yuglet flecket twin ewe, a really lively little girl who was very small at birth, but has caught up wonderfully.  Her fleece is on the primitive side of intermediate (AFD = 26.9), very white and very black.  And she must carry moorit.

Sire is Windswept Boron; dam is Whispering Pines Lilac

Genotype: Aa/Aa BB/Bb Ss/Ss 


Bellwether Rysa

21 April 2013

Rysa is a moorit krunet flecket single ewe (caped flecket).  Her fleece is chocolate and pure white, very soft, very crimpy!  

Sire is Windswept Boron; dam is Bellwether Boreray

Genotype: Aa/Aa Bb/Bb Ss/Ss 


Bellwether Urie

28 April 2015

A striking gray yuglet flecket twin ewe.  Her fleece is a gray and stark white, and incredibly soft. Must carry moorit. 

Sire is Bellwether Oiseval; dam is Bellwether Fetlar.

Genotype: Ag/Aa BB/Bb Ss/Ss 

Bellwether Kettla

29 April 2015

A musket yuglet ilget ewe single. Fleece is creamy, intermediate, and very soft – a spinner’s dream – a brilliant white with small spots.

Sire is Bellwether Oiseval; dam is Minwawe Seraphim.

Genotype: Ag/Aa Bb/Bb Ss/Ss 

Bellwether Bernera

21 May 2017

A musket twin ewe. Her fleece will be a very soft intermediate like her mother – and Fetlar’s spins like butter!

Sire: Bellwether Sneck; Dam: Bellwether Fetlar

Genotype: Ag/Aa Bb/Bb Ss/Ss


Minwawe Seraphim

Whispering Pines Myrtle (S27369)

13 April 2008

Myrtle is basically a light gray and white sheep with dramatic black yuglet/flecket markings.  Like her mother Seraphim, she has an intermediate fleece that is incredibly soft, and like her mother, she has a sweet personality. She leaves behind my breeding ram Holm and many lambs that now grace other farms.

Genotype: Ag/Aa BB/Bb Ss/Ss 


Twin Springs Bernera

Twin Springs Kilda

Whispering Pines Lilac

Bellwether Soay (S32370)

4 May 2010

Soay is a moorit/white ewe.  HST: yuglet, sokket.  Her rich warm brown color is showing no signs of fading.   It is intermediate with a nice crimp.  She vies with her sister as to who can be the more friendly. She leaves behind many lambs on other farms.

Sire is Windswept Boron; dam is Twin Springs Kilda

Genotype: Aa/Aa Bb/Bb Ss/Ss 


Bellwether Boreray